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Physical equipment can all be managed through CASM. Utilising QR Codes and RFID tags you can manage the following; Tools/Construction, Machinery/Podiums/High-Value Equipment. An easy-to-use equipment tracking system.

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Safety and Proof Verification Features

Safety inspections on ladders, Podiums, Boilers, Fire extinguishers. Alerts and tasks can be assigned to ensure safety inspections are carried out. Through the mobile app the asset can be verified via its QR or barcode the condition visually checked and photographed.

From the dashboard, you can see the condition track its history, and plan for replacement or repair.

Proof and verification for Safe Contractor or CHAS compliance.  

Alerts, Tasks, Reminders and Notifications

Alerts can be triggered if a Fixed asset needs to be inspected or verified  

Notifications can be triggered if a Physical Asset is soon to be out of warranty.

Tasks can be assigned to people for re-verification or reinspected. Our equipment tracking software can lower the cost of your insurance

Check in, Check Out, Movement

Fixed assets can be checked out to a person or department once issued and checked back in once returned or moved to another department or person.

This ensures you know where your equipment is at all times. Equipment tracking is important for businesses with a lot of tools and employees.

Prevent equipment loss.

Jake Batchelor (Head of Operations) Property Management   

CASM allowed us to get an overview from all levels of our organisation from, the staff on the ground managing day to day tasks through to department and branch managers right up to the finance director.

Marcus Wheatley (Purchasing Manager) Manufacturing Company

CASM allowed us to check out equipment to a fitter and allocate it to his van via the mobile app very easily. If this equipment was needed by another fitter it could be re-allocated…

Robin Jackson (Head of IT projects) Finance Company

CASM allowed us to deploy the mobile app, send asset labels to our staff and get them to self-verify all of the company assets they had including photographs and verification of condition.

Manage your fixed assets from as little as £62 per* month.

Easy to Use Equipment Tracking System

– From the initial process of requesting a piece of equipment through to disposal CASM can manage the whole process with total visibility throughout the cycle.

– Link warranty, contracts, and support agreements to your kit/power tools/testing equipment.

– CASM gives you a 360-degree view of all assets across your Department’s, Branches, or whole Organisation via customisable dashboard.

– CASM allows you to Track the performance of your Physical assets enabling you to plan and budget for replacements.

– Track Warranty and Maintenance contracts notifications and alerts when contracts are ending or equipment is coming to its end of useful life.

– Track safety inspections on critical equipment, Fire Doors, Platforms/Towers, Boilers, PPE Safety Equipment with reminders and verified tasks carried out via the mobile app.

Equipment Tracking Software for Your Business

Equipment Tracking System

Equipment Tracking Overview

Single page overview of all equipment who has it, Where it is, Warranty Status. An easy-to-use system that prevents equipment loss.

Equipment Condition Overview

Single page overview of all equipment condition when last verified any actions and tasks if the equipment hasn’t passed inspection.

Equipment Stock Control Reporting

Quick reporting of Stock control, issued to department branch or room, alerts when stock levels are low.

Equipment Disposal Monitoring

Monitor disposal of equipment, when it was disposed off, cost written off against depreciation, high level financial reporting.
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Equipment Assignment

Assing asset to users and locations to ensure accountability.

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Equipment Linking

Link assets together to build a parent child relationship.

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Equipment Depreciation

Devalue your assets with a straight line depreciation and align useful life of each asset for budgeting and financial forecasting.

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Equipment Audits

Schedule audits by location to keep your records up to date, aligned with automatic escalation alerts for assets not found.

Reduce your risk of overpaying on fixed assets,
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