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How to Prevent Office Supplies From Being Stolen

Office Supplies

How to Prevent Office Supplies From Being Stolen: Theft of office supplies may appear to be a trivial issue that can be overlooked, but it costs businesses far more than it looks. People who decide to steal at work frequently continue to do so for years until their employer notices.

As a result, if you want to avoid employee theft, you must first understand why they steal and what they take the most. With this information, you may use the eight suggestions in this article to be sure you’re doing everything you can to prevent office supply theft.

What is the most commonly stolen office equipment?

It’s vital to remember that your employees aren’t intending to be fired when they steal from you. Their purpose isn’t to cause the firm significant financial loss— it’s to get back at you without anybody knowing.

As a result, most office thieves stick to minor items like stationery and copier paper. They feel that no one would notice that such insignificant goods have vanished, allowing them to enjoy the deed without fear of penalties.

Let’s take a look at the most commonly stolen office supplies:

  • Pens, Pencils & Highlighters
  • Notebooks and Sticky-Notes
  • Staplers
  • Paper Clips & Binder Clips
  • Scissors
  • Tape Dispensers
  • Printer Ink

While all of this equipment may appear to be unnecessary, ongoing stocking-up is costly, especially if you have a lot of employees that steal from you.

Of course, not all thefts in the workplace are tied to low-cost products. Some employees choose to take larger items, such as company-issued cellphones, computers, and other digital devices.

Each of these items can be expensive to replace, therefore it’s past time you put a stop to thefts, no matter how minor.

Let’s take a look at how to prevent office supply theft.

Pay Attention to Employee Satisfaction

You can avoid workplace theft if you prioritise employee pleasure. Your employees may believe you are deceiving them and mistreating them if you fail to deliver on your promises. There aren’t many of those who will challenge you about this.

Instead, they’ll retaliate by committing little thefts. Such thefts, if perpetrated by as many employees as polls indicate, might result in unforeseen expenses and have a detrimental impact on all other employees.

To avoid this, make employee pleasure a top focus. Find a mechanism to quantify it, preferably anonymously, so you can see how your team members truly feel.

You may reduce the frequency of office supply theft by considering your employees’ pleasure.

Manage Your Inventory Better

To begin knowing what office supplies are being phased out, you must first determine what you own. You may appear to have a lot more inventory than you actually have.

The majority of office supplies, such as pens, notepads, and post-its, are disposable, which means you won’t have them forever. They can also be broken or damaged. If, on the other hand, you’re losing more office supplies than you expected, you may have a theft problem.

To begin, make a list of everything you own. It could take a while, and it might be tiresome, but if you don’t finish this stage, you’ll never know what’s going on.

Let’s say you don’t have the time or energy to make a paper inventory list and manually update it every now and then.

Then choose asset management software that allows you to establish an equipment database. Because you can draw up asset information in a few clicks, such a list is easy to update and review.

Set Up a Check-in/Check-out Procedure

The danger of office supply theft is reduced by a system that compels employees to verify equipment in and out.

Consider creating a check-in/check-out system for more important equipment, such as IT supplies, once you’ve built up an inventory list and begun tracking transactions.

When an employee checks out a costly piece of equipment, they must enter it into the system. You can do this using a pen and paper, but such documents are easily destroyed or misplaced.

The best way to do this is with our asset management software called CASM. It has a fantastic check-in/check-out system that you can use.

Anyone may quickly log in and designate the equipment as in use if you utilise software that allows you to check equipment in and out. You can simply keep track of your check-in and check-out logs using CASM.

Make Anti-Theft Policies That are Easy to Understand

To avoid theft, make your anti-theft attitude obvious to your staff. That’s why it’s a good idea to start by defining clear, succinct, and understandable anti-theft rules.

Every new recruit should be briefed on the policies, given handouts, and reminded of them at refresher training or meetings. Because new workers are just as prone to steal as those who have been with the organisation for a long time, such reminders are important.

The regulations should also spell out how the organisation protects itself and its other employees against theft. You have every right as a business to safeguard the assets you invest in, therefore you should explain how you plan to do so.

Employees may feel that CEOs are too preoccupied with other matters to keep an eye on office supplies, so this is a good approach to demonstrate them that is not the case with you.

Install Cameras in The Office

Stopping employees from stealing office supplies may be as simple as installing cameras to watch your assets. Even if your company isn’t equipped with expensive machinery, you might lose a lot of money if your staff continue to steal from you.

Employees steal from their employers in alarmingly large numbers, and some of them do so for years before being discovered. Each employee that steals from you during that time might cost you a lot more money than you expected.

Consider adding cameras to monitor your precious equipment if you’re concerned about the high expenses of staff theft in your business.

If you keep all of your assets in the same storage area, you can save money by only having cameras in that room, but you’ll still be able to tell which employee stole which supply.

They are a few tips on how to prevent office supplies from being stolen. There are many ways to prevent employee theft, but these are some of the best we have seen so far.