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Theft of equipment may appear to be a trivial issue that can be overlooked, but it costs businesses far more than it looks. People who decide to steal at work frequently continue to do so for years until their employer notices. As a result, if you want to avoid employee theft, you must first understand why they steal and what they take the most.

Firstly, Why Are People Stealing Equipment?

The rationale behind the theft of office supplies is crucial to comprehend. You can focus on prevention from that perspective once you understand the logic.

It may surprise you to learn that 75% of workers admit to stealing at least once from their employer, therefore it’s critical to understand their motivations.

The majority of office supply thefts have nothing to do with kleptomania. While some employees steal for monetary gain, the most prevalent motivation for office supply theft is unhappiness.

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What Are Employees Stealing From Work?

According to a recent YouGov poll, people who have ever worked in the UK were asked if they’ve ever purposely looted their workplace and, if so, what they took.

Pens and pencils are the most regularly stolen things from work, according to the findings, with 38 percent of Britons confessing to stealing writing equipment.

Note pads (which 22% of employees have taken from the office) and printer paper are also popular among light-fingered employees (18 percent ).

Here’s the equipment employees are stealing from the workplace in the UK

– Pens & Pencils

– Notepads

– Projectors

– Laptops

– Office Equipment

– Printer Paper

– Computer Equipment

– Money

How To Prevent Employee Theft

The best way to stop employee theft is by installing an asset management software in your business. An asset management software allows you to track every single asset in your business from staplers and paper, to trucks and lorries.

Not only can you track each piece of equipment, but you can also use a check-in/check-out tool which allows you to track exactly who is using a piece of equipment, and if it’s been returned at all.

Our fixed asset management software gives your business a 360-degree insight into your physical assets including location, who is responsible for them, physical condition with photographs, geo-stamped location, cost, depreciation cost, lifecycle, and more. Book a demo now to to learn more.

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