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Our fixed asset management software allows your business to track equipment that has been leased. Report and track when it was leased, contract cost, escalation percentage and much more with our equipment lease tracking features.

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Track Leased Equipment

Track Equipment that has been leased by assigning them to a contract. Contracts are easy to create, manage and use.

Easy steps to create a contract within CASM link active leased Assets.

Report and track when was it leased, contract cost, escalation percentage, the total life of contract, and total cost at end of the lease.

Leased Equipment Reporting

Report on leased Equipment which is close to the end of its contract. Ease of planning for budgets on leased equipment which may be the end of life.

Report on Leased Fixed Assets

Report on leased physical assets and costs associated with them, warranty status, and contract.

Ensure that you know the status of your leased fixed asset at all times to reduce work, save money, and make your business more efficient.

Jake Batchelor (Head of Operations) Property Management   

CASM allowed us to get an overview from all levels of our organisation from, the staff on the ground managing day to day tasks through to department and branch managers right up to the finance director.

Marcus Wheatley (Purchasing Manager) Manufacturing Company

CASM allowed us to check out equipment to a fitter and allocate it to his van via the mobile app very easily. If this equipment was needed by another fitter it could be re-allocated…

Robin Jackson (Head of IT projects) Finance Company

CASM allowed us to deploy the mobile app, send asset labels to our staff and get them to self-verify all of the company assets they had including photographs and verification of condition.

Manage your fixed assets from as little as £62 per* month.

Leased Equipment Tracking for Fixed Assets

Track your physical leased assets with ease and save money.

Leased Asset Tracking Overview

Single page overview of all leased equipment who has it, Where it is, Warranty Status. An easy-to-use system that prevents leased equipment loss.

Leased Fixed Asset Condition Overview

Single page overview of all leased equipment condition when last verified any actions and tasks if the leased equipment hasn’t passed inspection.

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