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What Makes CASM Special?

Need systems alerts? Check.

Barcode scanning? Check.

Audit trails? Double check.

Our easy to use platform will help you improve visibility with live tracking across different departments. Whether you’re working remotely, at the office or across continents.

What can CASM do for you?

Asset management software that makes managing assets easy.

Ditch those spreadsheets and put everything you need to know about your asset at your fingertips. CASM centralises your asset management, securely tracking and maintaining your assets, giving you the information you need to improve every aspect of how you manage your assets from procurement to retirement

Manage the life of your assets from acquisition through to disposal.

Use CASM to purchase new assets, depreciate those assets and then dispose of those assets. CASM’s asset lifecycle workflow will empower you, giving you the information you need, when you need it. Answering questions like, when are my assets end of life, what are their current net value, how many times has an asset been serviced and where is it?

Gain better control of your assets with tracking recording the sequence of activities that affect, at any time, a specific operation, procedure, or event around your assets.

Working together has never been easier.

CASM mobile application gives in the field staff the power to manage assets from the devices already in their pockets. Use the app to quickly verify and audit asset information, or move assets from one location to another, or create service tasks for your assets.

Have it when it matters.

CASM offers a wide range of powerful dashboard reporting for everyone, from the CFO to the man in the van, CASM reporting covers it all.

Stay on top of it.

With CASM’s alerts, you could notify team members when contracts about to come to an end or when assets have not been verified in time or when a task is due.